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Do We Guarantee? Always.


The "Surgeon's" guarantee is simple. 30 money back guarantee and warranty. No big explanations, disclaimers,

or hard to read items in small print:

If you want to exercise your warranty, just do not abuse us. Talk nicely first.


Guarantees on all work that we do for you.


If the same problem or problems re-occurs, there will be no charge and we come back for free. The only time the guarantee is voided is if a totally different issue occurs, or if someone has carried  out accidental actions  which have resulted in the same problem occuring again. But otherwise, you're covered. Software repairs are covered for 30 days after repairs have been completed, and hardware items are all backed by manufacturers warranties.


No-Fix? Well, Then there's No Charge.


Sometimes due to certain circumstances, when we come out to see you, there may be other problems that cannot be fixed, or, we may not have a solution for your issues. If this happens, we discuss the situation with you, and no charge is applied. If we offer a solution or advice, and the circumstances do not fit (eg. you cannot afford to buy an item or the solution is not ecomonmically viable), then don't worry, we will still not charge you a fee. We will only charge our clients if we have performed the work you have asked us to do or what we have quoted you, and that is it.


Do Parts Come With A Warranty?


Parts do come with their own manufacturers warranty. Warranty on parts varies as such accordingly.


What Happens If You Are Not Happy Or Satisfied With A Repair Or Solution?


Although it is very rare, if you are unhappy with anything, tell us on the spot and no charges will be applied. Where charges have already been made, a refund will apply. Refunds apply within 48 hours of a job being completed if the situation ever arrises.

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